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  • January ’18 Playlist

    I keep seeing those dumb memes on social media that joke about how long January has felt. “Fifth Monday of January” or “We’re now in the third month of January” or “Who else is so delighted to see the last day of the ‘Year January'” … tell me why these feel so painfully true? An entire lifetime has come and gone since Christmas, some good, some bad. I think its realities way of kicking us in the butt after the holidays. Like, “HEY YOU, don’t you dare stop believing humans still aren’t perfect and still don’t have hardships!” Thanks reality, happy new year to you too.

    Despite the dark there is always the light, and amidst the light there is always music. That’s one reassuring thing about this year so far, loads of new music is coming out. I began the month watching a 4 hour documentary about Tom Petty on Netflix, if you haven’t seen it, its called Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin’ Down a Dream. That began a little obsession which Petty for the early weeks of the month. My other on-repeats were Mahal Kita by Emmy The Great and YO! MY SAINT by Karen O and Michael Kiwanuka, both solid anthem songs. A couple weeks ago Sam and I saw The National live which then shaped the end of my month of music listenings. Oh Hey, while you’re in this neighborhood of the web you should check out Sam’s new music blog Love you till Tuesday that she started this month. It’s a compilation of incredibly rich love letters to her favorite musicians. You don’t want to miss these! She posts every Tuesday so pencil it into you’re schedule, you won’t regret it.

    Enjoy the January playlist! What were your go-to songs this month?!

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  • Oh, Madrid

    I can’t lie and act like I wrote this post back in early September when we had just returned from Spain. It’s January 18th and I met a new friend at the climbing gym a month or two ago who was in the process of planning a trip to Spain and it gave me a fresh spark of motivation to edit the next batch of Spain photos and share them with you. Life’s a funny thing that way. It’s also 50 degrees in the mornings here in Vegas and it’s comforting to reminisce about how hot and sweaty it was in Spain. It’s tricking my brain into feeling some warmth in my core. So Madrid Madrid Madrid… beautiful Madrid. I think we left off with Sam spraining her ankle on our way out of the AirBnb in Barcelona. haha. We had to catch a taxi spur of the moment to get to the train station in time after trying to assess if Sam broke her foot or just sprained it. Many mental prayers were made to please let it be just a sprain, and please let the rest of the trip not make her ankle worse. We felt SO BAD! Sam was such a champ and insisted the show go on.. I still don’t know how she did it!

    So I like to think of Madrid as being like DC and Barcelona being like LA. One having suit & tie political-esque types, and the other more coastal laid back types. Both having really awesome reasons to visit, just different scenes. The first day we set out to explore Retiro Park and the The Prado Museum. The park was massive and took up majority of the day, but had zero restrooms (why do I even remember that part?), probably because there were moments we had the thought to just pee on some of the many bushes, but we also didn’t know the repercussions of public nudity even when in a urinary emergency. haha. Nonetheless, such a BEAUTIFUL DAY!! Take a look.

    All ready to be tourists;)

    We strolled by this vibrant bush with pink flowers all over and had a mini photo-shoot in front of it. Aren’t my friends beautiful?

    Montana has this ability to always have the cutest most effortless looking hair style.

    And Court has this ability to think she doesn’t know how to look good in photos, but even when she’s trying to mock herself, she’s the most photogenic in the group.


    The entry to Retiro Park.

    All I want to know is how long it takes to groom and shape all these bushes? How often do they trim things up? And how much do they make?

    Can you see the little kitty peaking its head out?

    It was hard getting a picture with all 4 of us in it that wasn’t a selfie situation. So we kept trading off who photographed. Everywhere we turned in Retiro Park had these amazing tree archways that kept reminding me of the one street in my college town that had trees touching at the tops as they leaned into the street. I’d re-route my commute to school just so I could drive under them.


    Inside the park was The Glass Palace. Basically a building made up of glass walls and ceiling with colored glass installations hanging inside. It was breathtaking! Surrounded by all this greenery it stood as its own art piece, yet you could still see right through it like it was a purposeful collaboration with nature.

    I love every shot of Sam from this whole trip. Always a mystery in a poetic way. haha

    See what I mean? hahah

    After we left the park we headed downtown to find what we thought was a flea market. Ended up being a lot of just roaming and not marketing. We enjoyed observing the architecture and how different it was from Barcelona. A lot more whites, creams and more prestigious feeling buildings.

    I also feel like that balcony with the foliage is what actual heaven will be like.

    The roaming around allowed us to come across OVEN, a restaurant with amazing decor and even better pizza.

    Naturally we all got different pizzas so we could try each others.

    I’m so extremely mad at myself for not taking more pictures in the bathroom at OVEN.

    It. was. magical.

    This is the only shot we got in the bathroom. You guys, there was GOLD GROUT with black tile inside the bathroom stalls. Plus anytime there’s a neon sign where you pee, its a good time.

    Before we headed home for the day to ice Sams foot we saw this “REFUGEES WELCOME” banner on one of there political buildings. It made me happy.

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  • November (& October) Playlists

    Photo by Natalie Perea on Unsplash

    Guys, I’ve dropped the ball for two whole months on posting my monthly playlists (don’t get me started on the rest of my Spain pictures – hopefully coming at you this month!) I am so in love with these playlists, and I’m sure I’ve said this before but they become my monthly anthems, so here they are; November and October … both on December 1st. haha Officially completing my first year of posting a playlist a month. Check these two out for when you need a break from Christmas music this month. They’re so good, in the most bias tone;)

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  • September Playlist

    Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

    Look guys! I’m posting my monthly playlist while still in the month of when I made the playlist. I’m getting good at this. Since this monthly post is where I gush about music I have to tell you I’m going to TWO whole concerts next month, and my high school/college-concert-going heart is on fire. I feel like I’m turning into that old fart whose about to go to their hundredth Dave Matthews Band concert and still so excited, despite having no one else who understands how much you like their music.. w/ long intros… and even longer outros. (I should note I’ve never been to a Dave Matthews band concert – used for example sake haha) Couple musical highlights from September: the first song from the Tegan & Sara The Con X : Covers was released and of course it was Call It Off (by CHVCHES) … if any song could make me cry within the first sentence its this one. Next month they’re releasing the whole album with covers by artists like Ryan Adams, Bleachers and….. you guys, Cyndi Lauper does a song! Yeeeee! Moving on to Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton album that was released this month too. They haven’t released a full album since 2006, so yesyesyesyesyes. Anyway, its real real good.

    Have a Relaxing Weekend & enjoy the playlist!!